Professional Disposable Medical Supplier - CSD
 Taiwan Factory
CSD was founded in 1947 by former Chairman, Mr. Yan-Dong Chang, in Changhua, Taiwan, as the first professional manufacturer for Disposable Surgical Dressings in Taiwan. With our motto and philosophy, "Sound Management To Serve Society," CSD cooperated with China Productivity Center, Industrial Technology Research Institute, IBM and other organizations, to improve the quality, manufacturing automation, computerization, and invested a lot in high-efficiency particulate air filter system (HEPA), to enhance the working environment as 100k class clean room; implemented "environmental control" and "sterilization validation," to strictly conform to the USP, BPC and other European Standards. We also repeatedly won recognition of excellent manufactures from the National Federation of Industries and the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan.

Due to our high quality standards, we are also the first Taiwan disposable surgical dressings manufacturer to obtain the approval of "R&D, manufacturing, selling" from The Department of Health (United Kingdom), and passed U.S. FDA Registration. We are also the first disposable surgical dressings manufacturer in Taiwan to obtain British Standards Institution (BSI) ISO 9001 certification in 1995, and obtain the CE Mark certification in 1998. And in 1999, the first disposable surgical dressing manufacturer in Taiwan to acquire GMP certification from the Department of Health, reaching and leading a new milestone of medical disposable products in Taiwan. We also implemented Medical Device inspection and registration by the Department of Health in 2005, to be the leader in the industry to obtain a number of manufacturing and import permits.
China Dong Guan Factory
In 2004, we extended our factory into Dongguan, China. The China factory is built upon the same standards as our Taiwan factory, including the establishment of 100k clean room environment. DNV approved and updated our certificate to both Dongguan, China and Changhua, Taiwan factories, recognizing both locations to fully operate within the parameters of the new ISO 13485:2003v.