#DAMUR Invitation to a Digital Journey During the AW22 Taipei Fashion Week

#DAMUR Invitation to a Digital Journey During the AW22 Taipei Fashion Week

#DAMUR, a high-end streetwear label based in Berlin, is excited to announce that they are presenting their new AW22 collection during the TAIPEI FASHION WEEK on the 26th of March, 19:00 (GMT+7). Those who followed designer’s Huang Shih-Shun journey during recent years in the Taipei Fashion Week already know that he is all about expressing boldness, creativity, and one’s culture in the most unexpected way. Some may criticize him for focusing more on the show part rather than on design creation, but is there still something left that can still shock us?



Virtuality and reality became two opposites. Technology brings us through virtual power and provides us with infinite possibilities, yet once we put the electronics down, we return to reality and our daily lives. While we often question whether we should stick with just one of these options, #DAMUR asks why we can’t have both? This season, #DAMUR focuses on 3D and virtual technologies and how they made us not only concerned about what we can see, touch, and feel in reality but also about our presence in the virtual world.

This season, #DAMUR found a way to show the encounter between virtuality and reality not only through a fashion show. To prove that we can get the best of both worlds, #DAMUR invites you to participate in the Virtual Fashion Night Market. The brand goes hand in hand with the innovations to provide you with unforgettable experiences no matter where you are. This is why by participating in the virtual night market, you won’t miss any experiences that a real market can offer you. 



Inspired by night market characters, #DAMUR combined virtual experiences, digital consumption, NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), and Taipei nightlife culture and created a fashion co-branded merchandise collection that can be found on brand pop up store on the Uber Eats App. A collection that crosses generations, eras, technology and cultural trends, as #DAMUR is already using the VR concept to construct and optimize the future of all the brand’s clothing designs. Despite the new winds of technological inspiration, the AW22 collection continues to regenerate Berlin’s street style with a sustainable and bold creative design philosophy.



Do you enjoy going through flashy stalls, taking in all those images, sounds, and smells? By collaborating with companies such as 樂敘 backlash, SPLASH PPL, GU-IDEA and XRSPACE GOXR, #DAMUR made sure that the virtual night market would be an unforgettable event in every aspect, from WebGame to App. If you think that by participating in a digital event, you will be left empty-handed, #DAMUR is ready to surprise you. If your eyes land on that perfect hoodie or a t-shirt, with a few taps on your phone, you will be able to make a purchase and get it delivered to your door. By working closely with Uber Eats, #DAMUR made it possible to bring fashion straight to your home. 


One of the most awaited and exciting moments for the brand is the runway show that presents the AW22 collection. It will take place at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, No. 4, where you will be able to find out whether real and digital worlds can exist parallelly. Very often we are torn between choosing in which one of these worlds we want to be more active. In the collection this is shown through creating freeing, oversized pieces with bold cut-outs in the shape of hearts and circles to accentuate different body parts, keeping with their signature naughty elegance. The garments are made in black and white colours, showing the difference between reality and the digital world with purple-green details and accessories that reflect glitching. Every detail in the collection has a provocative message. Having this in mind, the opening look focuses on the most recent situation happening in the world. EeLin Entertainment 伊林娛樂 model walking with #DAMUR x Miro Piazza creation – blue- and yellow-coloured sunglasses that represent the Ukrainian flag, shows that protest can be expressed in any form. The #DAMUR x HAPPYHAIR rebellious and avant-garde silver earring braids make models look magical, yet close to reality. Finally, the black and white zebra print shoes created while working in collaboration with Royal Elastics represent us walking through a path that is formed of 0 and 1 together with our real experiences.


Since 2020 #DAMUR focuses on creating sustainable fashion and keeping up with the new upcycling design practices. By collaborating with Align Textile Co., Ltd. leading in sustainable production, the brand continues its upcycling mission. Together they managed to take the heartache of the textile industry and turn it into the best upcycling practice. The unused deadstock yarn is turned into a fashionable textile. Even the bright colors and eye-catching prints of the new garments are extracted by using waterless 3D knit dyeing technology that reduces the carbon footprint. The AW22 collection is not an exception, made from deadstock materials and past creations, ready to be worn by those who want their clothes to have a story. 



#DAMUR uses the power of design to change your expectations of fashion, your understanding of sustainable fashion and the boundaries set for trends, and combine #metafashion and #virtualnightmarket to move Taiwan’s fashion from a traditional industry to the future of the digital era. On the 26th of March, from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM, all guests will first explore the Virtual Fashion Night Market at the #DAMUR x Budweiser Pre Party and then join us at 7:00 PM at the main show location. The audience can attend this show digitally from #VirtualNightMarket and YouTube live stream, making a quick stop to check some limited edition designs at our pop up store at Uber Eats


Resources are relatively limited in the real world, but jumping into the virtual space can give you a sense of unlimitedness, which makes us question where is the line between these two worlds? Perhaps the virtual world does not need to be connected to the real world, as the perceptions and definitions of everything in today’s life are constantly changing. The AW22 collection was inspired by #Glitch, a mysterious and unknowable phenomenon that occurs by accident. A second when we are left to hang between the two worlds. The designer Huang Shih-Sun shares: “We used to make friends by going out for a drink, but now we making friends via apps on our phones. Can you tell which way is normal?” Despite the events happening in the world that make us question everything and feel scared of constant changes, #DAMUR invites you to explore the digital world and take everything that it has to offer. Are you ready for the journey?



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Organizer: Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Education
Co-organizer: Taipei City Government / Department of Cultural Affairs Project executor: CNX Taiwan, Taiwan Textile Federation

AW22 Brand Show Sponsors and Partners: Uber Eats, Budweiser 百威啤酒, EeLin Entertainment伊林娛樂, CSD中衛, Royal Elastics, 樂敘backlash, SPLASH PPL, Miro Piazza, HAPPYHAIR, XRSPACE, GU-IDEA, Align Textile Co., Ltd 永瀧興業有限公司, Mode Communications, 吾貳不作娛樂, 極人添像事務所, 許冠臻專業彩妝造型, 茜茜彩妝造型, FUWAN CHOCOLATE, The X Mojo