Congratulate CSD on winning 2021 6TH Taiwan Mittelstand Award

Congratulate CSD on winning 2021 6TH Taiwan Mittelstand Award

"We will do excellent work in making masks, and bring Taiwan medical brands to international markets. Make the world see Taiwan." Jonathan Chang, Chief Operating Officer of CSD, who won the 6th Taiwan Mittelstand Award, said.


"The 6th Taiwan Mittelstand Award Ceremony" was held at the Taipei International Convention Center on the 29th. Wang Meihua, Minister of Economic Affairs, accompanied with Shen Rongjin, Vice President of the Executive Yuan, attended the ceremony.


Shen, Vice President of the Executive Yuan, mentioned that this award is from the concept “Century Enterprise Brand” in Germany. “It encourages “mittelstand enterprise”with international competitiveness, uniqueness, and skillfulness to work for Taiwan and become pride of Taiwan.


“Although medical consumables seem not noticeable in daily life, as they are needed but cannot be bought, it is very likely to create panic in society. Therefore, medical consumable is a business with moral principles. We have to be strict on quality control and always have stable supply, so can make people feel sense of security as pandemic attack. This award gives CSD recognition, we will continuously work hard at the jobs.” Jonathan Chang said.



Taiwan Mittelstand Award is held in accordance with the“Promoting Mittelstand Enterprise Plan” approved by Executive Yuan. It focusses on enterprises with domestic markets or domestic production. These enterprises serve as benchmark so the other companies can learn from them.


Ministry of Economic Affairs announced the 6th Taiwan Mittelstand Award on September 23, 2021. There were 160 companies participating in the competition. After qualification review, 99 companies were shortlisted. In the finally, 14 Taiwan Mittelstand Award and 2 Taiwan Mittelstand for Workplace Friendiness Award were given. CSD won Taiwan Mittelstand Award.



In the ceremony, Wang Meihua, Minister of Economic Affairs, not only congratulated the awardee, but also said that Taiwan have been impacted from global economic and European debt crisis, causing export insufficiency, how to make Taiwan not to affected by these crises is very important.


She pointed out that there are 1.25 million small and medium-sized enterprises in the fields of agriculture, manufacturing, and service industries, accounting for around 97% of all the companies. If Taiwan can cultivate skillful and international companies, then the competitiveness would be less likely affected by the global economic crisis and more stable and incredible employment opportunities could be created.


“CSD continuously makes innovation and keeps pace with times. Thanks for the recognition and everyone’s support. CSD will keep the brand spirit and be strict on quality, giving customers new values. “Michelle, the CEO of CSD, said



Winning this award gives us great motivation to move forwards to next stage. Most important of all, thanks for every employee in CSD. From 2017 brands transformation, 2020 Covid-19 outbreak to 2021 shifts in face-mask demands, every employee work hard to do the things right. Because of everybody’s persistence, CSD can win this award, thank you everyone.


In the new year, we will continuously present you the best CSD.