2022 Taiwan Golden Melody Awards 33

CSD is invited by Golden Melody Awards to customize the exclusive 2022 co-branding face masks

In the world of music, there are no barriers of nationality, languages, or culture. The melody makes people dance unconsciously; the rhythm makes the heart fly with it. Music, shortens the distance between people.

2022, CSD cooperated with the Golden Melody Award for the second time! The Golden Melody Award, one of the three gold medals in Taiwan, is a Chinese music event with both reputation and influence, allowing all kinds of creations and musicians to have a stage to shine.

And "hot" is the theme of the main visual of this year's Golden Melody Awards

Heat, like a catalyst, makes things change qualitatively, just like the changes that music brings to the world; and the temperature changes brought about by heat bring out different colors, symbolizing the enthusiasm and tension of musicians. Capture this main visual design, put these colors and heat on the mask.

Let's feel the joy and emotion brought by music together!

2022 Taiwan Golden Melody Awards 33