Quality Policy

CSD’s Quality Policy: Quality of product satisfies the needs of our customers. Quality Assurance Systems meets the International Standards.

"Quality First." CSD is committed to providing a consistently high quality to their customers, complying in USP, BPC, and the Chinese Pharmacopoeia standards. We were tested by the Consumers' Foundation to be in full compliance with the Medical Center and Teaching Hospitals Standards, and thus CSD is considered as one of the preferred brands. We are also in compliance with the EN 46001 (R0800/SP) Based on: BS 5750/ ISO 9000/ EN 29000 of The Department of Health version 1995 by the U.S., Australia, and other countries’ Health Department’s auditing. CSD is also the first disposable surgical manufacturer to obtain the approval of "R&D, manufacturing, selling" from the Department of Health (United Kingdom). With a strict standard for "Environmental Control" and "Sterilization Validation" during our manufacturing process, we can provide our customers with a safe and high-quality product assurance.