Which Hogwarts House Will Your Represent

Which Hogwarts House Will Your Represent


At Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, students are assigned a house. Which one of the four houses at Hogwarts do you belong to? Gryffindor valuing courage, bravery, nerve, and chivalry? Slytherin valuing ambition, cunning, leadership, and resourcefulness? Ravenclaw valuing intelligence, learning, wisdom and wit? Or Hufflepuff valuing hard work, patience, justice, and loyalty? Don’t worry too much as you can now represent each house with all-new Hogwarts house inspired face masks!




“Houses of Hogwarts” Facemask for Adults


After introducing the first series “Admission Notice” in limited edition this March for the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter, CSD and Warner Bros. Consumer Products introduce the second series “Houses of Hogwarts” of face masks again. Fans of Harry Potter can now have the face masks with patterns inspired by all four houses of Hogwarts at once. Besides the adult models, there are also the cute version for kids for the whole family to go to school with the appropriate house inspired face mask!


“Houses of Hogwarts” Facemask for Children


To make face masks cool in hot summer, the white skin-friendly layer is used on the “Houses of Hogwarts” series. The overall design is inspired by the identity color and animal totem of each of the four houses of Hogwarts. Red and gold with the “lion” for Gryffindor; green and silver with the “snake” for Slytherin; blue and bronze with the “eagle” for Ravenclaw, and canary and black with the “badger” for Hufflepuff. The adult model and children’s model are totally different! The former is characterized by the English house style, while the latter features the super deformed elements of robes and sorting hats, fun and cute.


According to CSD Marketing Manager Julie, the “Magic School LE” family face mask set for the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter is inspired by the characteristics of each house, and the face masks for each house is available in a single box of 10 masks. To make it easier for collection by fans of Harry Potter, the “houses of Hogwarts Combo Set” is available in limited edition (LE) at NT$600. Each set contains four boxes, and each box has 10 masks for a total of 40 masks. In particular, besides the size difference, the models for adults and children carry completely different designs from the box to the mask. That is, the model for adults and the model for children have individual designs and are sold individually. Fans of Harry Potter must have them both!


Industry-first patented dual-color hanging ear loops, house embossed icon, gold-plated patterns, reliefs, and many more.


It is noteworthy that CSD emphasizing details has even made much effort in the hanging ear rope. The industry-first dual-color hanging ear rope enhances the overall value of the face mask. CSD has even applied for patent for this original invention. In addition, the “H” embossed icon on the mask’s upper left corner is Hogwarts’ badge, and the house name is on the lower right corner. The font style is also different for the adult and children’s model. The former carries the original style, while the latter is designed with a cute font type that even adults will love it!


Extra value with the industry-first dual-color hanging ear rope


Different embossed icon designs for adults and children


To make the series more valuable to collect, the magic box design is adopted for the package and mysterious magical script is printed on the envelope. The colors of the inner container of each style include red, green, blue, and canary to mark out the identity color of each house. Patterns in gold-plated relief make the inner containers look more elaborate and fun to collect. The same magical script used on the envelope is printed on the sides each box for series consistency. When sorting all four boxes in order in collection, the patterns on each box will form a complete look of a magic box!                                                                                                

A complete look of a magic box formed with the patterns on the sides of all four boxes.

Interior box in four colors
Patterns in gold-plated reliefs make it fun to collect.


From 8/17 , “Houses of Hogwarts” Facemask will be sold at momo, PChome, YAHOO, BOOK, Shopee and Vogue these e-commerce platform, the second wave will be at retail store such as Watons, Cosmed, POYA, Caffefour, Hola, Tintin Drugstore, Molecure. For more detail information could check out CSD Facebook fan page.


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